Sunday, March 18, 2012

holy shit!!

due to unforseen circumstances i have realized, i am gettin older.
my love for the outdoors hasn't subsided at all. i just have a harder time doing the things i have always done.
i went fishing yesterday with a couple friends and came home sore and tired.  i caught a few nice fish, lost alot of hooks, and even climbed a tree to retrieve a hook, i brought home the bacon, so to speak. fish, i brought home the fish.
bottom line is i cant, or more appropriatly, should'nt, try to do what i did when i was 25. problem is i, feel like i can still outdo the 25 year olds.
my wife says i should relax, just chill. shes worried about my blood pressure, or somthing.
i say, i'm alive, and gonna stay this way!
i know im not 25 but if i feel good is it really wrong to believe i can still keep up?
if so, i challenge any 25 year old to try to run my woods with me.
keep in mind, i have a teenage son who can barely keep up. and hes in great shape!

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